Running Science Gateways on CloudyCluster
@ CloudyCluster Team · Friday, Sep 20, 2019 · 1 minute read · Update at Sep 20, 2019

CloudyCluster creates an HPC environment in the Public Cloud that is similar to on premise HPC systems. To provide elasticity in the cloud, we have developed a meta-scheduler. The CCQ meta-scheduler enables jobs to control elastic launching and deleting of instances as required. These can be diverse instance types including preemptible and standard as required by the individual jobs.

To support the SGCI Cloudify Gateways solicitation we will be adding new simplified HPC Job Submission APIs for CCQ to the next release of CloudyCluster targeted for the SC19 timeframe.

One of the ways CloudyCluster can be enabled to support Gateway integration is as follows.

Cloudify Diagram

Gateway CloudyCluster Integration Concepts

  • The webserver on the login instance can be configured to support a Gateway web application.
  • CCQ APIs or Commands can be used to submit jobs that will elastically launch to run the jobs required for the Gateway.
  • Data and results can be uploaded and accessed on the parallel shared storage from the login instance for the Gateway.
  • Additional databases or advanced cloud services can be added to the environment to help support the Gateway.

We look forward to continuing to improve CloudyCluster to support projects such as these. If you have ideas or comments please reach out to

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