Introducing CloudyCluster on Google Cloud Platform
@ CloudyCluster Team · Monday, Nov 12, 2018 · 3 minute read · Update at Nov 12, 2018

Many customers have been asking how to seamlessly get HPC jobs to work between clouds and on premise. We are now making this a little more possible by extending CloudyCluster to the Google Cloud Platform. It is avaialble now by request and will be in the GCP Marketplace in a few weeks. Below is the press release: Enjoy…


Today, Omnibond announces the availability of CloudyCluster on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). CloudyCluster on GCP provides a self-service scalable cloud solution for HPC, AI and Big Data Clusters, reducing the time to results for researchers and investigators.

CloudyCluster makes High Performance Computing available to anyone. Users can set up and run an HPC cluster with a simple web interface. With 24/7/365 GCP availability, HPC is now accessible without the need to reserve cluster resources ahead of time. When a large-scale computational environment is essential for research, CloudyCluster can easily be launched in a GCP account and provide the needed resources, with users paying only for the runtime and data storage they need.

“With the extension of CloudyCluster on GCP, we are excited to see the flexibility of near seamless transition of HPC jobs from on-premise and between GCP and other clouds,” said Dr. Walt Ligon of the Clemson University ECE Department. “We are looking forward to leveraging the parallel IO and throughput capabilities of OrangeFS as part of Data Intensive and AI workloads.”

CloudyCluster commenced a new era of High Performance Computing, available to anyone with Internet access. Its simple setup, multiple configuration options and easy job submission capabilities make the CloudyCluster platform a vital tool in a world with ever-expanding data sets and tight deadlines. CloudyCluster streamlines the process of obtaining meaningful information from data without waiting in line.

“HPC is no longer restricted to those with direct access to large computational resources,” said Boyd Wilson, CEO of Omnibond. “Democratizing HPC resources makes it easier to access advanced technical computing with CloudyCluster on Google Cloud Platform. CloudyCluster gives you the ability to easily get your cluster up and running on GCP, submit your jobs and get results when you need them, paying only for the time you use.”

CloudyCluster will be available on the GCP Marketplace in the coming weeks, for advanced access or more information please contact Amy Cannon at Come find out more at the Google Booth #1604 and the Omnibond Booth #3846 at SC18.

About CloudyCluster CloudyCluster is Omnibond’s solution for creating and managing HPC and Big Data Clusters in a GCP or AWS account. It provides a simple, web-based interface for mobile, tablet and desktop devices to create and manage scalable HPC, AI, and Big Data Clusters in in the Cloud, bringing on-demand HPC to a new level of flexibility and portability. For more information or early access to CloudyCluster on GCP, visit

About Omnibond Omnibond is a technology development company currently focused on software engineering and support for networked Identity/Access Management, Cloud-based HPC, HPC Parallel File Systems, and Computer Vision technologies for the transportation industry with For more information visit

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